Mental Health Awareness Month Art Contest 2021

As we head into Mental Health Awareness Month, May 2021, we asked the question, “What Does Mental Health Mean To You?” and we were delighted to receive many inspiring and insightful pieces of art. We are now pleased to share the entries of this year’s art contest with you! We hope you will be as moved as we were.

The Winners


By Samuel Kimball

What we saw when looking at this piece is how our perception of ourselves can make a huge difference to our mental health. Other people might see someone that looks put together, successful, and healthy, like this shiny apple. While we might look in the mirror at ourselves and all we can see is flaws and issues and it can feel like our inside is rotting away as the reflection shows.

Spinning Out of Control

by Steven Nightshade

This piece vividly demonstrates what it can feel like to have so much going on in your mind that you start to lose sense of who you are. As this artist’s title says, it can be like spinning out of control.

Grow Through What You Go Through

by Barbara Kimball

This collage is made of treatment paperwork and herb identification pages from a book, with mixed mediums, including grass stain for shading on the woman. We love the message in this piece. Because, for this artist, recovery means growing past who you were, into who you are.

Honorable Mentions