Mental Health Awareness Art Contest

We are excited to announce the winners of our 3rd Annual Mental Health Art Contest!

Adult Winner

Brian Creager

Based on the Milagro.
The dimensions of wellness is based on the heart (love), flame (warmth), and wings(freedom).
The puzzle pieces are the challenge of putting it all together.
Artwork is all hand drawn with ink and marker.

Youth Winner

Grace Williams

The center is a neurographic piece. The bright colors represent happy memories and black represents sad or dark memories. When the colors and black meet together it speaks of moments that bring a mix of different emotions. Around the images is the frame which is alluding to a vintage mirror frame. The faces on top of the frame represent sadness on one side and happiness on the other. The sad side of the face is rough looking texture alluding towards how tough the feeling that overwhelming emotions bring. The faces also correlate to images in the mirror. The science behind the neurographic art with physiological impacted the faces and images matching (some unknowingly). An example is the word grief that is read on the frowning side. There is also random patterns mixed in, but are inspired by what the color reminds me of. This artwork is to look back at memories good or bad (On a personal level for myself).

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