Law Enforcement Resources

Texoma Community Center is committed to providing local law enforcement with resources needed to assist in recognizing signs of mental illness or substance use disorders. To discuss resources or processes involving law enforcement and mental health, please feel free to contact Texoma Community Center.

Contact Information

Local (903) 957-4701

Toll Free (877) 530-2228

24-HOUR Crisis
(877) 277-2226

Referral Form

If you or the person you are referring is experiencing a crisis, please call the 24-HOUR Crisis line. This referral form is for non-crisis situations.

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Basic Mental Health Statistics

  • In 2015, there were an estimated 43.4 million adults aged 18 or older in the United States with mental illness within the past year. This number represented 17.9% of all U.S. adults, or 1 out of every 5 people (NIMH, 2015).
  • These mental illnesses ranged from mild to severe.
  • The majority of individuals with mental illness live productive lives.
  • Some individuals suffer from serious mental illness, which means severe impairment and limits in one or more major life activities (financial, occupational, social).
  • Others may suffer from persistent mental illness, which is indicated by long durations of impairment.
  • There are also episodes of mental illness that are situational in nature and may be due to stress, grief, or substance abuse. The duration and severity of these episodes are often based upon a number of factors including coping skills, social support, treatment, and substance use.

Informative Videos

Learn about the issues and facts related to Police and Mental Health

Origins of Crisis Intervention Training (10.10 minutes)
Autism and First Responders (26:16 minutes)