Forensic Services

Texoma Community Center’s Forensic Services consists of two cooperative programs that serve individuals with mental health disorders who are also engaged in the legal system. The two programs are the Forensic Continuity of Care (COC) Program and The Texas Correctional Office on Offenders with Mental and Medical Impairments Program (TCOOMMI).  Both programs serve individuals who are justice-involved and need integration and/or stabilization in the community in lieu of incarceration. The Forensic COC program works with all counties, but the TCOOMMI program is specific to Grayson County.

Both programs collaborate with Courts, prosecutors, and community supervision divisions to reduce recidivism and promote wellness and recovery against barriers associated with being justice-involved. Program referrals are received from probation, parole, and Courts, and individuals are interviewed to determine if the individual meets the criteria for services. Case managers work with individuals who are eligible for ongoing services in collaboration with designated mental health probation or parole officer. The overall goal of both Forensic Programs is to provide comprehensive services to justice-involved individuals with mental health disorders to help abstain from re-offending and returning to incarceration.

Our Services:

  • Continuity of Care for justice-involved individuals returning to the community from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice in need of continued mental health services and medication services.
  • Intensive case management with a team approach– a collaboration between Mental Health and Community Supervision officers.
  • Participating in 1 year of TCOOMMI Services = 40% reduction in recidivism

Contact Information

TCC Forensic Program:  :   903-957-4862

TCC collaborates with the following Grayson County Mental Health Probation Officers

Danny Roberts: 903-813-4200

Tammy Car 903-813-4200 ext. 4544

Grayson & Cooke County Special Needs Parole Officer

Wesley Pryor

Community Resources, Mental Health First Aid: