Come Gather At Our Table Tuesdays At Walker House: 1100 W. Walker in Denison Texas

Tuesday Oct 11, 2022: Clint’s Camaraderie Cafe 11:30am – 1:00pm

Tuesday Oct 18, 2022: Men’s Veteran Lunch 11:30am – 1:00pm

Tuesday Oct 25, 2022: LUNCH & LEARN 11:30am – 1:00pm “Improving Communication Skills” Guest Speaker Roger Eppler, Toastmasters

Tuesdays are a buzz of activity at Walker House. That’s when our kitchen crew is busy making some homemade lunchtime goodness for veterans. Just show up. The food is usually ready by 11:30-ish. But we always welcome latecomers…we just can’t promise how much food will be left after 12:30pm.

Oh, and did we mention that it’s free?

We have a huge table that seats at least 16 people,, and we also have 4 smaller overflow tables inside that can seat an additional 21 people.

If you’re used to eating in the living room instead of at a table, no problem. We have three couches and three recliners available for those of you who feel perfectly comfortable eating with your plate in your lap. Now that our 5,000-degree Summer is over, you can also eat outside at our picnic tables if you’d like.

The reason we gather is simple.

It’s a time for camaraderie.

Building friendships with other veterans is key for creating a support system you can call on whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed, need to vent, problem-solve, or need another veteran to lean on during tough times. We don’t get through this world alone.

Different Tuesdays have different purposes, but we always eat comfort food.

Clint’s Camaraderie Cafe

Clint’s Cafe is simply a time for camaraderie with a group of peers. Meet other veterans who have been there and done that. Lots of banter, laughter and bonding happens during Clint’s Cafe.

Lunch & Learn

We’re starting something new once a month called “Lunch & Learn”, which are days when we have a guest speaker to tell us about something that will improve our lives in some way.

Men’s Veteran Lunch – 4th Tuesday

We reserve the 4th Tuesday of the month for male veterans to get together and eat. It’s a time for the men to discuss whatever they want. That doesn’t mean that spouses and significant others can’t come and eat also….we’ve reserved a separate, private room for them to gather also. Don’t worry, we’ve got a Women Veteran Lunch on a different day. (more about that coming soon)

Veteran & First Responder Lunch – 5th Tuesday

Months that have five Tuesdays are when we also invite Texoma’s First Responders to our table. They come into contact with veterans everyday.

They’re reaching veterans all across Texoma whom our volunteers might not be able to ever come across in our outreach efforts.

Additionally, many first responders are veterans. We want first responders to be very familiar with MVPN Texoma Community Center, with our volunteers and we want them to fully understand how we help veterans.

If you’re a veteran, please come gather at our table on a Tuesday that best suits you. If you know any veterans, please tell them about lunch on Tuesdays at Walker House!

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