Grayson College Veteran’s Hub Continues to Serve Veteran Students

The transition from being an active duty military member to becoming a college student can feel like a complete culture shock for veterans.

Not having built-in camaraderie and clearly structured training on processes and procedures (which is embedded in military life) can turn navigating college life into daunting task instead of a great educational experience.

Additionally, veterans come from a mission-oriented background. This means that veterans can experience college in a completely different way than traditional civilian college students.

That’s why Grayson College has a Veteran’s Hub. We had the opportunity to visit with Veteran Benefit Advisor, Johnathon Siebuhr, at the hub to learn a little more about it.

Sharon Luse, MVPN Texoma Community Center Veteran Coordinator visits Grayson College’s Veteran Hub with Johnathon Siebuhr

According to Siebuhr, there are currently over 160 students at Grayson College who are eligible to use the hub. Eligibility consists of Grayson College students who are:

-Active Duty, Reserve or National Guard
-Military dependents, survivors & families

The hub is a calm, quiet gathering place dedicated for veterans to study or relax. Wifi connectivity and support to navigate VA benefits are also available, along with a bulletin board with veteran-specific local community and benefits information. Veterans who visit the hub can grab a snack, a cup of coffee or a drink from the fridge & enjoy access to Netflix.

It’s a great place to spend some downtime between classes and meet other veterans with shared experiences.

Advisory meetings are held once a month at the hub, and students can also participate in a veteran community service group. Veteran students who find themselves experiencing a hardship can get connected with extra support on campus through the hub as well.

The hub is easy to access…just walk in, no appointment required. The hub is located right next to the library on the second floor of the student life center at 6101 Grayson Drive, Hwy 691, Denison, Texas.

MVPN works with Grayson College to help student veterans get connected to local community resources and peer support. Of course, Grayson College’s student veterans and their dependents are welcome to participate in activities scheduled at the Walker House as well.

For more information about the veterans hub at Grayson College or questions about accessing veteran student benefits, contact Jonathon Siebuhr at 903-463-8692

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